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Our Core Values

Our team is dedicated to reaching every student’s goal. We are your partners to help you over the hurdles big or small. We are committed well beyond the classroom and are honored to contribute to every success story. We are here if you have one simple question or the hardest test to get through 24/7. Our team, supported by advanced technology, supports you the entire academic year. 



  • B.A. Biochemistry
    UC Berkeley

The previous mentors in my life instilled within me the ability to see past societal limitations and the belief that my thought processes alter the world. I established Air Tutors so that I can be that same medium through which students can accomplish more while learning from each others myriad backgrounds. Beyond tutoring, I’m a Northern Californian guy that’s all about NorCal sports. I used to play football, too, but I ran into a tree and got three stitches on my eyelid; so, that stopped that endeavor. My future goals are to travel abroad once a year and transform the educational experience.


  • B.A. Economics
    UC Berkeley
  • MPH Health Management

I have a profound passion for education and the endless pursuit of knowledge and I am committed to imparting that knowledge to others. I have over 10 years of tutoring experience and have worked with a broad range of students at the high school, undergraduate, and graduate levels. Outside of academics, I am an outdoor enthusiast, yogi, and sports fanatic. Lastly and most importantly, I don’t normally watch television, but when I do, I binge watch entire seasons at a time, then regret not spacing them out more.


  • B.S. Physics
    (Mathematics Minor)
    Colorado Mesa University

I have always loved helping others, and have been doing so since freshman year of high school. I enjoy investigating new gadgets online, and purchasing them to add to my collection. I have an HTC Vive virtual reality headset that constantly inspires me with its seemingly limitless possibilities in application. I enjoy researching the latest tech trends, and am constantly finding new and interesting ways to invest in a world that is growing with opportunity at an explosive rate.


  • M.A. Mathematics
    University of Texas
  • M.A. Advertising
    University of Texas
  • B.S. Zoology
    University of Wisconsin

15 years teaching students of all different levels, from those struggling to pass Algebra 1 for the third time to International Baccalaureate students that breeze through AP Calculus. I always wished there was a way that I could just teach and not deal with the rest of the noise that comes with large class sizes, administrative duties, curriculum changes, etc. Tutoring allows me to focus on what I love about teaching–the one-on-one relationships and the math. I enjoy the challenge of adapting to each student’s unique learning style


  • M.A. Social Science
    University of Chicago
  • B.S. Economics (Honor)
    Utah State University
  • B.A. International Studies
    (Chinese Minor)
    Utah State University

Curiosity has driven me through three degrees in diverse subjects, across continents for students abroad and solo backpacking adventures, and into archives to explore the complexities of the past. Curiosity is the most important gift any teacher gave me, and as a tutor, I believe it’s my role to inspire that curiosity in my students and teach them how to explore worlds of knowledge and express clearly what they find.


  • MFA Acting
    Brown University
  • B.A. Political Science
    Northwestern University
  • EU Law and Governance
    L’Institue d’Etudes Politiques

I am a Chicago native (go Cubs), lover of culture, music and theater. Growing up, if it weren’t for the tutors and instructors who provided me valuable mentorship and knowledge I would not be where I am today. I believe that one-on-one work with students radically changes their educational experience. Every student is exceptional, and every student is special.


  • B.S. Mathematics
    California Institute of Technology

I grew up in Charlotte, NC. During high school, I spent my free time practicing for competitive gymnastics, trying to learn as many languages as I could, and hanging out with friends. I received my BA in Math from CalTech. While in college, I was an active member of the diving team, and I participated in several collegiate academic competitions for math and computer science. Now, I am a tutor, and I spend my free time (and my working time) learning, teaching, and playing with new ideas!


  • B.A. Mathematics
    (Magna Cum Laude)
    Boston College

I’m Katie! I grew up in New York. I love acting, and I moved here to pursue it. My ultimate acting goal would be to land a part on a show like The Office—so if you’re casting, let me know! I love math and puzzles and even standardized tests, I was a National Merit Scholar, and I am inspired to mentor students to that same level of success!


  • M.A. English
    Brigham Young University
  • M.S. English
    Utah State University
  • PhD Professional Communications and Rhetoric
    Utah State University

After nearly seven years working behind a desk in content and marketing, I finally gave over to my love of learning and teaching. I’m now working on a PhD in Professional Communication and Rhetoric at Utah State University where I also teach English courses.


  • B.A. History (Dean’s List)
    Cornell University

I am originally from New York and I graduated from Cornell University with a BA in History and a concentration in Law and Society. I love helping students develop their intellectual prowess. I have passionately been tutoring for 10 years. Outside of tutoring, I am a comedian and a digital media specialist. I live in Los Angeles and have created a YouTube following. I perform comedy regularly and it helps keep my creativity churning.


  • B.S. Computer Science
    Vanderbilt University
  • B.A. Chemistry (Honor)
    Vanderbilt University
  • B.A. Applied Mathematics
    Vanderbilt University

I grew up in Milton, Ga., a suburb north of Atlanta. I played the saxophone in high school and really love music. My free time is usually spent with friends, running, or watching Netflix. I currently do chemistry research and hope to attend medical school to become a pediatrician. I have been involved with tutoring since high school, and I love to see students succeed in learning something new. It’s incredibly rewarding for me to see someone take an interest in something I am passionate about.


  • B.S. Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
    Brown University
  • PhD Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
    Vanderbilt University (Present)

I grew up in Boston, MA, and I graduated from Brown University with a BS in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering. I recently moved to Nashville, TN to pursue a PhD in Chemical and Biomechanical Engineering at Vanderbilt University. I have always loved learning, sharing knowledge, and helping others discover and grow their educational passions. I began tutoring in high school, and, upon obtaining my PhD, I plan to enter academia.


  • B.A. English Literature (Minor Secondary Education)
    University of Florida
  • Ed.M. Teaching and Curriculum-English Education
  • PhD ABD-Advanced Certificate International Education
    New York University

Over the past dozen+ years, I have worked as an educator in a variety of settings and capacities. My experiences include teaching high school English in the suburbs of New York, earning a TEFL Certificate and working with English language learners ranging in age from 3-60 in Madrid, Spain, volunteering as a professor of English with community college students in Santiago, Chile, developing a nationwide English curriculum for Chilean elementary and middle school students, serving as an adjunct instructor at the undergraduate and graduate levels for humanities and social science-based courses at NYU, and working as a private tutor, homeschool teacher, and educational consultant with students throughout the New York City area. In particular, my specialty lies in helping students develop their writing skills and articulately express their thoughts. My diversity of teaching experience has reaffirmed my belief that each student possesses an individualized manner of learning best and that teachers and tutors must strive to pinpoint these pathways to lead students in the direction of personal academic success.


  • B.S. Chemistry (Minor Mathematics)
    Boston College
  • M.S. Physical Chemistry
    University of Chicago
  • PhD Physical Chemistry
    University of Chicago (Current)

I’m a big fan of learning, which makes me a big fan of good teaching. I’ve been a fan of science since I was young, and I’ve been learning all I can about chemistry since high school. My fondness for learning has inspired me to teach, tutor, and create additional opportunities for students to learn, via videos and even a chemistry app I made called Chemistry X! There’s so much information out there, but it’s hard to put all the pieces together without a knowledgeable guide, so I aim to be that guide for the next generation of students. If we can approach each new subject with a firm grasp on related subjects and on its application to the world around us, we can learn anything!


  • B.A. Anthropology
  • B.A. South Asian Studies
    UC Berkeley
  • M.A. Social Sciences
    University of Chicago
  • PhD Anthropology
    Stanford University

Since 2007, I have been helping students discover the right academic program that fits their talents and their passions. Over the years I have cultivated a keen sense on how to craft statements of purpose that demonstrate how a student’s background and preparation make them the perfect candidate for the programs that they apply to. It is truly a pleasure to then help them choose which program they’re most thrilled about once they have letters in hand.

 In my spare time I enjoy cooking, dancing bhangra, and watching/re-watching Veep.


  • B.A. Chemistry
    Amherst College
  • PhD Physical Chemistry
    University of Chicago (current student)

I have always been passionate about teaching and mentoring, and I’ve pursued those skills in a number of different ways over the years.  Whether teaching and tutoring Chemistry, mentoring younger students as a dormitory resident counselor, or coaching team members as a manager at a software company – I’ve made hands-on, discussion-based learning a central part of my job. I hope to teach at the college level someday, so I love to keep tutoring as I continue work on my PhD. In my free time I enjoy running along the lakefront in Chicago, seeing tons of movies in theaters, and making my own silly art installations to hang in my apartment.  


  • B.A. Mathematics
    UC Santa Cruz (Summa Cum Laude)
  • M.S. Mathematics
    Cornell University
  • PhD Mathematics
    Cornell University

A lifelong lover of mathematics, music, learning and teaching, I love finding creative ways to convey ideas and connect with my pupils.  I traveled the country when I was younger, following music and adventure, and meeting many interesting people.  The dream to teach mathematics brought me back to school, and now I’m a professor in Ithaca, in the beautiful Finger Lakes of New York.
When I’m not teaching college courses or researching in topology, I’m playing piano with friends, building a website for autodidacts with Python, animating in Flash, tutoring online for Air Tutors, socializing, or just relaxing with my partner Megan and my cat Hugh.


  • B.A. History
    Columbia University

I graduated magna cum laude from Columbia University in 2010 with a 3.81 GPA. I have been a full time standardized test prep classroom instructor and tutor since 2012. I began teaching standardized test prep four years ago. I have extensive experience teaching all sections of both the ACT and SAT, with emphasis on macro test taking strategies, micro problem solving strategies, reinforcement of content in math and grammar, and reading and writing skills.


  • B.A. English
    University of Pennsylvania
  • MFA Theatre

I grew up in Baltimore, and I started my long and healthy relationship with test prep after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania and moving to NYC. For over a decade I’ve tutored privately and taught in classrooms in everything from the SAT, ACT, to college admissions and even LSAT. Somewhere in between I found time to earn an MFA in Acting at the ART Institute at Harvard. When I’m not tutoring, I am pursuing my career as an actor/writer/comedian, still in NYC, performing and occasionally directing. When I’m not doing that, I’m following the NBA way too closely for someone at the amateur level.


  • B.S. Mathematics
  • B.A. Music Theory/Composition
    Washington and Lee University

I graduated in 2013 with degrees in Math and Music. I’ve been playing the bass since I was 10 years old; I love jamming and gigging whenever I get the chance. My love of math and music stems from my passion for patterns. When it comes down to it, that’s what I find the study of math, music, and several other subjects to really be about. Patterns— continuity!

I started tutoring in high school, and I’ve been honing my skills ever since. Whether it is showing the proper slap technique on the electric bass or completing the square on a nasty polynomial, I’ve always enjoyed helping others understand. Clearing up confusion is my soulful contribution to reducing the intellectual entropy in the world.


  • B.S. Applied Engineering, Computer Science
    University of Pennsylvania
  • MBA
    Yale University

I like to think of myself as a life long student who feels most at home in the middle of a class room.  As a senior executive at a healthcare informatics company in NJ, I have carried this passion to my workplace by initiating training and development programs for my employees. As a mother, I try to transfer this legacy in daily sessions with my book-loving 5 year old. Recently, I rekindled my love for academia as a graduate student and research assistant at Yale. I now look forward to sharing this love for learning as a tutor.

Aside from being a student and a teacher, I’m a passionate supporter of small businesses, women entrepreneurs, and aspiring young entrepreneurs. I love trips around the world, meaningful conversation, and chocolate!


  • B.A. Anthropology (Cum Laude)
    Franklin and Marshall College
  • M.A. Curriculum & Instruction
    University of Colorado
  • Ed.M. Anthropology & Education
    Columbia University

Growing up in Pennsylvania I was an aspiring ballerina who loved to read history books and solve algebra problems like puzzles. After graduating from Franklin & Marshall, I followed my curiosity to teaching and tutoring in math, and I’ve pursued two master’s degrees in education and anthropology. I greatly enjoyed helping students build their confidence in their own mathematical abilities and am excited to continue that as a tutor. On the weekends, I can be found knitting, distance running, and reading more about history and now ethnographies while relaxing with my cat, Bart


  • B.A. Sociology and Theater (Minor: Poverty, Justice, and Human Capabilities)
    Rice University

Hailing from Boston, I’ve been passionate about education from a young age. I grew up reading constantly (Harry Potter is still one of my favorites), playing soccer, singing, and playing piano. In college, I got the chance to teach a leadership course during my freshman year, which catapulted me towards teaching. After graduating from Rice University, I taught high school theatre and yoga at YES Prep North Central in Houston, TX. It was an incredible experience because I was around driven and thoughtful educators every day. This inspired me to tutor when I moved to LA. Apart from tutoring, I’m a jazz vocalist and recording artist. I write music every day and perform to keep my creativity alive. I also enjoy UX/UI design development and graphic design.


  • B.A. Political Science (Magna Cum Laude)
    University Of Michigan
  • The Ohio State University College of Medicine
  • University of Oxford,UK

As a former medical student at The Ohio State University College of Medicine, an honors political science undergraduate major at The University of Michigan, and an undergraduate studying abroad at The University of Oxford in the UK, I have a unique educational background that has served me well in helping students with an array of learning differences and styles. I take great pride in combining my own creativity with a positive attitude and a sense of humor in order to connect with students from a variety of backgrounds. My dedicated passion for art and music has consumed my time since age three, and composing and performing continues to shape the way I approach learning and communicating ideas to others. As an Ohio native, the Cleveland Cavaliers are near to my heart. I am a self-professed vegan gourmand. I am a connoisseur of all things Chevy Chase.


  • B.S. Interdisciplinary Physics (Focus Mathematics)
    University of Michigan

I grew up in Normal, IL, before packing up my bags in my senior year of high school and moving to Novi, MI.  Soon after, I moved to Ann Arbor, where I studied Mathematical Physics at the University of Michigan. It was there that I awakened my love for tutoring students 1-on-1 as they engage with difficult subject matter. Though I had tutored throughout high school with the National Honor Society, it was my work as a math tutor and GMAT instructor in college that solidified my desire to devote my career to education. The look of confidence on a student’s face when he or she finally understands the concept behind a math problem or grammar question is what drives me to tutor students as they prepare for standardized exams or tough finals. I seek to help students transform their academic and test preparation journeys into sources of empowerment, and to instill in them an insatiable curiosity that will transform them into lifelong learners.

Jacob O

  • B.A. American Studies (Magna cum laude)
    Yale University

I spent the first eighteen years of my life in a green, hilly, no-stop-lights town in Vermont before moving to New Haven, Connecticut for college. I now live in Los Angeles, and when I’m not helping students achieve their educational goals, I’m working to tell true and urgent stories through film, theater, and comedy. My experiences tutoring math to younger peers during high school, planning activities and barely sleeping for four summers as a summer camp counselor, teaching English to middle schoolers in Southeast Asia, and working as a writing tutor at Yale have all fueled in me a vital passion for mentoring students and solving tough problems collaboratively. I’m also a big fan of backpacking, pick-up basketball, and long US road trips.


  • B.A. Philosophy (Summa Cum Laude)
    Cornell University
  • BSc Physics (Summa Cum Laude)
    Cornell University

Originally from Philadelphia, I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Cornell University with degrees in both Physics and Philosophy and a 4.0 GPA. I have since lived in both New York and London and worked full-time as a private tutor for more than five years. Working with hundreds of students–from all types of schools, walks of life and learning styles–I help each student understand their own approach to learning, to master the material in front of them and to significantly improve their grade and test scores. Most importantly, however, I work to build a relationship of trust and confidence with each student and his or her family, helping students use their own strengths to achieve their ambitions. In addition to tutoring, I also work as a visual artist in galleries in New York, London and around the world.


  • B.A. Literature (Magna Cum Laude)
    Yale University

My favorite thing to do is to make sense of what I initially don’t understand. In college I studied Literature, where I learned to make sense of complex books and movies. After graduation I worked for two years as an investment banking analyst for power and utilities companies, where I learned to make sense of finance and energy. I’m a big fan of stand-up comedy, because I like listening to other people make sense of the parts of their lives that are difficult to parse.

I like teaching for much the same reason: I enjoy helping students make sense of what they initially don’t understand. Whether it’s an AP English essay or a chemistry final, we will work together to transform confusion into enlightenment. And I try to bring some of my own comedy to the process too!

Jacob B

  • B.S. Electrical Engineering
    University Of Texas
  • M.S. Mathematical Sciences
    University Of  Texas

I have three passions in life: academia, music, and traveling. I want every student to feel the joy and confidence that comes from learning new ideas, and I sincerely strive to be both educator and mentor for every one of them. My experience as a tutor, test prep instructor, and college lecturer have allowed me to adapt my teaching methods to a variety of situations. When I’m not geeking out on math and science, I’m geeking out on music and travel: production and recording using Ableton software, live band performances, livening up the dance floor as a private DJ, or planning my next international trip.


  • B.A. English-B.F.A Ballet
    University Of Utah
  • M.A. English
    University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Ph.D. English
    University of California, Santa Barbara

During graduate school, I started teaching literature and writing, and I continued teaching for over a decade. A high point of this experience was being an instructor in Stanford University’s Pre-Collegiate Studies Program, where I taught expository writing, literary analysis, and composition. While teaching, I also built a career in editing and instructional design; as an editor, I’ve helped advise students on admissions essays, statements of purpose, and other application materials. As a tutor, I’m thrilled to be sharing textual discoveries and discussions with individual students.


  • B.A. History
    Princeton University

I grew up in San Francisco, where I was constantly taught that if you have great teachers and mentors, it is your job to pay that forward. I began tutoring when I was 13. Helping younger students find their love of learning and their confidence in a subject brings me a lot of joy, and I’m a firm believer that teaching is the best way to become smarter and a better communicator in all facets of life. I currently live in New York, but spent the year since graduating Princeton working remotely and traveling all over the globe. I have a serious travel bug and will take any opportunity to immerse myself in new cultures. I love tennis, photography, and getting to hear as much live music as possible.


  • B.S. English
    Dartmouth College
  • Calculus II & III
    Columbia University

Originally from New Jersey, I have been a fan of all things academic from a young age. After graduating from college to work in journalism, I found my way around to my now lifelong passion of education. I have tutored hundreds of students over the past five years. In my free time, I am a fan of road trips, an avid soccer player, and a Welsh Corgi enthusiast.


  • B.A. English-B.S. Communications
    SUNY Fredonia
  • M.A. Mass Communications
    University of  Central Flordia
  • Ph.D. Public Relations
    University of Flordia

I am from western New York (Go Bills and Sabres!) and a graduate of the top program in my field (Go Gators!). I have won several teaching awards, many in using technology in innovative ways. Before becoming a professor, I spent about a decade as a PR/marketing executive in the technology sector. I am a specialist in writing, public speaking and college prep.

I believe that the most important thing you can work on – in or out of any school – is critical thinking. Asking questions and knowing how to find answers can lead you to success in almost anything. In my free time, I love spending time with my family, following sports, playing music and am a founding member of Buffalo-based Pocket Sand Improv, a long-form comedic improvisation group.


  • B.S. Cognitive Science (summa Cum Laude)
  • M.A. Social Ecology
    UC Irvine
  • Ph.D. Psychology and Social Behavior
    UC Irvine

I was born and raised in Los Angeles and have been an avid learner from the very beginning.  My two favorite things as a preschooler were stalactites and stalagmites.  Not surprisingly, I was the one bringing in science books for show and tell.  Almost a quarter of a century and a Ph.D. later, not much has changed.  I love learning about countless topics and strive to make my passion for understanding, appreciating, and sharing all the wonderful knowledge that’s out there as contagious as possible.  I’ve noticed that the pace of modern life often has a way of beating the intellectual curiosity out of people and it is my mission to rekindle that exciting desire to *know* in every student I meet.  

I’ve had the privilege of having many excellent professors over the course of my formal education and I have made it a point to draw upon their teaching techniques eclectically in my own humanistic teaching.  I’m a big believer in the interconnectedness of knowledge and experience: my hobbies of playing classical piano, museum-going, weightlifting, and international travel translate readily to a broad knowledge base of music and art history, kinesiology, nutrition, exercise physiology, sociology, and anthropology, among other topics.  Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about climate change, artificial intelligence taking over the world, and the relationship between science and social justice.  Curious?  Let’s talk!

Jessica G

  • B.S. Biology
    California Institute of Technology
  • M.A. Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology
    University of Colorado

Helping students reach their academic goals has been my passion ever since I started tutoring

and working as a teaching assistant as an undergraduate at Caltech.  While working towards my PhD in molecular biology, I realized I enjoyed the teaching aspect of my job more than the lab work – so, into a teaching licensure program I went! I have over 10 years of tutoring and more than 500 hours of online test preparation experience. I believe that by breaking subjects down into small, manageable pieces, anything can be learned. Not only that, but we can have fun doing it. I bring a lighthearted approach to all of my sessions.

 I enjoy providing mentoring, tutoring, and test preparation tailored to each student’s needs. Aside from teaching, I am an avid photographer and I volunteer as a community service organizer.


  • B.A. English Literature (Honors)
    Yale University
  • M.A. Religious Studies
    University of Virginia
  • Ph.D. Religious Studies (Current)
    University of Virginia

I grew up in Northfield, MN, where I ran Cross Country, acted in high school plays, and loved my English classes. Even during my summer vacations, I would walk to the local college library and spend the day hunting around the shelves. Novels, poetry, philosophy—one book always led me to another. Because I enjoy talking about books and the ideas in them more than just about anything, I was naturally drawn to a career in education. I’ve taught college courses for years at the University of Virginia, and whether I’m mentoring a student one-on-one or leading a class discussion, my goal is always the same: share my curiosity and excitement in a way that awakens theirs. I currently live in Los Angeles. When I’m not reading I’m exploring the coastline and mountains north of the city.