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It all starts with the right kind of preparation. We have graduated from the most esteemed universities and are experts with the rigorous scores needed for matriculation into prestigious academic institutions.

We have programs designed for one-on-one, group classes, and groups where students learn from each other. We take a holistic blended learning approach and track all areas in need of improvement from practice tests through final score. Our programs are custom designed for each student’s learning style, empowering each to reach their fullest potential.

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Custom innovative mentor programs designed to fit individual learning styles.


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  • “I really needed help for my daughter. She was going to be taking the ISEE, but hadn’t learned a lot of what’s covered in school.  Air Tutors came in and not only taught her the material in a fun and engaging way, but also helped her with her test taking anxiety!  My daughter now looks forward to her sessions with her tutor…I’m blown away!”

  • “My parents really wanted me to improve my scores on the ACT.  They had heard about Air Tutors from a friend and asked me to give it a try, because it was different and I normally don’t do well working with tutors. My tutor was not only fun, and funny, but I enjoyed working with him on problems. He taught me new ways to look at problems, and how to defeat the test with various strategies too!”

    HuanStudio City, CA
  • “This is definitely a service that’s superior to anything I’ve ever used before. I was “matched” with a tutor that shared similar interests. Since when are tutoring companies matching students with tutors based on interests? Awesome! From the first 5 minutes of our session, I knew that this was unlike anything I had used before. I went on to become more comfortable with the test and it improved my confidence like nothing I thought possible! My score was in the 95 percentile. Thanks Air Tutors!”

    JefferySanta Barbra, CA
  • “A girl friend and I took test prep together to share the costs, Air Tutors was way better than the other company we were with because our tutor took the time to get to know each of our abilities and covered all the material we both needed to learn. We also were able to study all the assignments together for different locations. It was amazingly easy. we both did really well on our SAT. Thanks Air Tutors!”

    OliviaLos Angeles, CA
  • “Air Tutors helped me significantly by catering to my individual test prep needs. The number of tools they have at their disposal, plus amazing tutors that are engaging created an experience where I really progressed. I saw my  score go up 280 points from my first test to the last.”

    ChelseaAustin, TX
  • “I absolutely love the way Air Tutors teaches their material in such a collaborative way. Top notch instruction with cool cutting edge tech is what I found with all my Test prep sessions.”

    DaminLos Angeles, CA


Air Tutors is founded and managed by Ivy Leaguers and grads from the top universities. We know that these tests are critical in providing future opportunities. We are passionate about getting each student to reach their goals. Each tutor takes the time to get to know each student and continually evaluates their needs and learning styles.

Our innovative technology platform facilitates engaged interactive sessions. Through collaborative cutting edge tools students have access to robust resources and organized study materials. Our platform also facilitates flexibility in scheduling with access on any device from anywhere at anytime, giving you the ability to schedule a session whenever you can squeeze one in.


Custom One-On-One

One-on-one custom designed programs to assess each step of the process. Each practice test is evaluated and focused instructions are developed. Our tutors are not finished until each student is fully prepped. 

Tailored Groups

Small groups tailored to students’ abilities and goals. Groups help reduce costs and students learn collaboratively together. Air Tutors limits groups to 3 to ensure every student is successful.

Community Resources

Air Tutors provides each student access to community resources. Students learn from others through group discussions and have access to robust online materials to complement test prep instruction.