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Today’s modern technology enables even the most distant students to be connected to the most qualified educators in the world. With the internet, learning now has no boundaries, and no matter where a student is, or when a student needs help, AirTutors is available. With just one click, students can instantaneously be connected to the most qualified teacher in his/her subject so they will never be stuck on a homework problem again. With this education-on-demand approach, students are assuaged of any test or homework anxiety they may have, allowing them to then perform to their best ability in a session and beyond.

Technology is becoming incorporated into people’s lives more than ever before, and its introduction now comes at an early age.  Parents give their toddlers iPads to distract them as they are dining at a restaurant or taking a long drive, so why not use those same mobile devices to learn?

Online education offers many benefits that far surpass the loss of physical presence. First and foremost, when teaching is done online, students must find a quiet place to join the session, and by having the tutor isolated to a screen, the student is forced to pay attention. Secondly, headphones offer a quiet environment without any outside sounds distracting their focus, which solves a problem that many students have.  Finally, with online education, students are no longer confined to a specific geographic location to have a session with their preferred tutor. In addition, since there are no travel logistics, learning can be scheduled more quickly and function as the savior for a student with an impending test.

Most people are either auditory learners, visual learners, or learn from a combination of both, and online tutoring feeds precisely into both learning schemes. By reinforcing and strengthening listening skills to the student, and using an interactive whiteboard or writing platform, collaborative visual learning becomes a breeze.

For today’s student, the requirements for getting into colleges are ever increasing, thereby increasing both the academic workload and extracurricular activity. In addition to school, students are also involved in athletics and clubs activities, and sometimes these rigorous schedules rival the schedules of many CEO’s. As a result, online tutoring provides an excellent way for students to instantaneously connect, learn, and carry on with their next task at any time they are available; work can be done anytime, anywhere

Kids love technology. Parents love academic success. Air Tutors seamlessly combines both elements with cutting edge technology and the industry’s best educators. Having witnessed the amazing results of online technology, we would love to share the success with you!