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If you are having issues getting prepared for tests, doing your homework, or even managing your social life, then you could probably benefit from learning how to leverage the power of routines!  Think about your favorite performer, athlete, or musician.  Each one of these people has learned to adhere to some sort of routine in order for them to maintain their success.  Athletes train regularly and then are evaluated to check for techniques that may need improving, musicians practice their sets for hours upon hours, and performers practice in front of mirrors to have a better understanding of how they come across to their audience.  The point is that these professionals are utilizing some sort of routine!

Routines aren’t meant to be something that burdens you or makes you think, “what a drag!”  Routines are meant to help you stay on track with things you want or need to do while allowing you to have the freedoms that constantly seem to get in the way of your responsibilities or goals.  Try setting up a task that you frequently have issues with on a routine, and make sure to stick to it.  Start with something small that you know you can follow through with, and then add more to routines as you see fit!

Example:  If you find it difficult to memorize terms for vocab tests, make it a routine to study the list with flashcards each night for 30 minutes until the night before the test.  This will take minimal time and reduce the stress of cramming the night before.