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Summer can be quite an important period of time that most families may not be utilizing correctly.  Summer is actually the period of time where academic skills and concepts that students have bolstered all semester long begin to dull the most, or “slip,” as summer in America is the longest academic holiday.  For students where this is especially problematic year to year, the summer is an ideal way to stay “in-practice,” review, and enrich.  After reinforcing concepts throughout the summer, the segway to new material is much more seamless.  This, in turn, creates a confidence that allows for these students to perform at their best.  This requires that regimented time is setup for the student to create realistic review goals for the duration of summer.

To avoid summertime slip students should first know which professor is teaching their upcoming fall course of interest. From there they can research old syllabi of the class or reach out to the professor and ask for what textbook they are going to be using. Once they have this information, students can get ahead start on the course by getting intimately familiar with the earliest content. All of the questions at the end of each section and chapter should be answered completely with key themes being understood.

Another powerful method of learning during summertime is project-based learning.  Check out this really informative article to learn more: